• What is the product made of and how does it work?

    Our product relies on an exothermic reaction within the pouch to emit heat. When the ingredients (iron powder, carbon and salt) inside the pouch comes into contact with air, a reaction is triggered and heat will be emitted.

    Our unique formulation helps us adjust the temperature and its rate of increase/decrease so that our product is able to create enough heat to relieve discomfort effectively.

  • Does the product contain medication?

    No, our products only use real heat to give your body natural relief from discomfort! It does not contain any form of medication - thus you will not need to worry about potential side effects!

  • How hot does the product heat up to?

    MenstruHeat emits the most heat, followed by BackHeat then NeckHeat. The heat varies between 45 - 60 degrees.

    For increased safety, stick the patches on top of your clothes and test the heat before sticking them onto your skin.

  • Can I use your products while I sleep?

    We advise against usage during sleep as you will not be able to monitor the temperature while asleep.

    However, if you really have to, please do not stick the product directly onto your skin - use it on top of your clothes instead, as this reduces direct contact with skin. Prolonged unmonitored heat against your skin can cause low degree burns.

  • Can I use your products while pregnant?

    Our products work like a hot towel that emits heat for up to 12 hours long. You may apply heat to your aching body parts but do consult your doctor to get advice on the heating duration that works best for your stage of pregnancy.

  • Is redness on my skin normal?

    As with any heating product, exposing your skin to it for a prolonged period of time may cause redness. Also, depending on your skin’s threshold to heat, some people may experience more severe skin redness than others.

    If your skin has turned red, you should remove the product immediately and let your skin cool down. To prevent redness, you can stick it on top of your clothes instead of directly on your skin. Check your skin frequently during use and follow the instructions on the packaging for your own safety.

  • Can I use this product if I have sensitive skin?

    For individuals with sensitive skin, do not stick the product directly onto your skin - you may stick onto your clothes instead. The heat will still be able to penetrate through your clothes though you may not be able to experience the full sensation of heat.

  • How long will the product take to reach me?

    We send out your order within 1-2 days upon check-out completion.

    For shipping within Singapore, our courier partner will then take about 3 working days to have the parcel delivered into your mailbox.

    For shipping to destinations outside Singapore, it may take up to 10 working days. Please contact hello@pslove.com should you have any enquiries on your parcel’s status!

  • I do not have a credit or debit card, how else can I pay?

    We do accept iBanking / ATM transfer - if you choose to pay via these methods, please email hello@pslove.com the following details and we will manually create an order for you :)

    1. Product and quantity needed
    2. Your name
    3. Your mailing address

  • How does subscription work?

    Subscribe to enjoy greater savings and convenience!
    As of 1 Sep 2017, there's a minimum subscription length of 3 order cycles, after which you may pause or cancel anytime.

    Subscription is great if you face pains on a regular basis and do not want the hassle of purchasing our product each time. Once you create a subscription package, we will send out your 1st order immediately.

    After that, you will automatically receive your package on the 1st week of every alternate month. For example, if your package was created on 5th Jan, we will send out your package on 6th Jan, followed by 1st March, 1st May, 1st July etc..

  • How do I edit my subscription package?

    We understand that you may not always need the same number of product each month - so we made it a point to allow for flexibility and changing of plans!

    Log in to your account and you will be able to easily edit the number of products to receive each time! The changes will take effect immediately for the next package.

  • What happens if I pause or unpause my subscription?

    The pausing of subscription will take effect immediately and you will not receive your following packages (nor be charged) until you unpause the subscription.

    When you decide to unpause, your package will resume and be sent to you on the 1st week of the following month.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    After your first 3 order cycles, if you feel that the subscription plan is not for you, simply log in to your account and you will find a “Cancel” button to your subscription.

    Please note that upon cancellation, you will stop receiving your subscription packages and will not enjoy our subscribers discounts and perks!

  • I have paid for my order but would like to cancel, how can I do so?

    We usually send your order out within 1-2 days after you have made payment. Do reach us at hello@pslove.com for any cancellation, and if we have not shipped out your product, we will be able to cancel and give you a full refund.

    However, if we have already shipped out your items, we will not be able to recall the product.

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