Our pain-relieving heat patches

Each product is carefully designed to fit the contours of your body.
We've calibrated the heat released to suit the intensity of pain to be relieved,
with MenstruHeat being the hottest, followed by BackHeat and NeckHeat.

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"Really helps to reduce my monthly pain while I was at work. Give a two thumbs up! Indeed a life saver."

- Clara Au

"I love the flexibility of using NeckHeat, you can split into 2 and use it on separate shoulders - I have broad shoulders so such a design really helps to sooth the entire shoulder."

- Amelia Lim

"Juggling work with family commitments has given me on-and-off pain in my lower back, so happy to have found a product that gives me relief without any medication."

- Grace Ng

Our brand promise:

to provide comfort & relief
to females in pain

to provide
comfort & relief
to females in pain

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